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Research Paper Topics on Counseling: 10 Fresh Ideas for College Students

When it comes to writing a good research paper on counseling, a lot has to do with selecting a great topic. Generally, the topic should be something original and interesting to both the reader and the writer. But coming up with a good topic can be difficult, so we’ve put together this list of 10 fresh ideas for college students:

  1. Drug and alcohol counseling for minority populations: A critical analysis of the best approaches and practices to connect with underserved minority populations in the rural areas of the American South.
  2. Revisiting the habits and characteristics of successful people: A close examination of how people have achieved success by developing specific habits or characteristics that most struggle to develop.
  3. Gender roles in the last half century in the United States: How gender role changes since the 1950s have shaped the way counselors deal with the most important issues facing clients and patients in the 21st century.
  4. Social cognition and its role in the development of prejudices: A critical analysis of how social cognition among children is directly related to the developing prejudices for or against specific populations or personalities.
  5. Comparing cognitive, behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches: This is a side by side by side comparison of the three most popular approaches employed by counselors to treat youth with varying degrees of social anxieties.
  6. Understanding the complexities of gender and culture in counseling: How these two factors play a big role in determining whether a specific approach or method will be more or less effective in terms of client success.
  7. Crisis intervention versus psychotherapy in counseling approaches: An examination of the two major approaches employed by counselors treating specific types of depression in teenagers and young adults.
  8. The interviewing process as a means to gain patient trust: Describing the fundamental techniques that should be applied to interviewing in order to develop and achieve a more communicative and trusting relationship between counselors and patients.
  9. Developing a positive and therapeutic relationship with clients: An examination of the techniques most frequently employed by counselors to effectively develop positive and therapeutic relationships with diverse clients.
  10. Helping patients and clients find positive solutions: There are a number of different reasons that clients seek professional counseling support – this research paper attempts to analyze those reasons and present opinions about the best techniques with the most promising results.

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