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Great Cultural Anthropology Term Paper Ideas to Discover

Cultural anthropology is a tremendously rich sub-area of anthropology focused on studying the different cultural variations of humans, separate from that branch which deals with social variations. It’s a highly specialized field that can sometimes be difficult to find new term paper ideas for discussion. So here’s a list of great term paper topics to consider:

  1. Explore how the Bronze Age brought specific advancements in Ancient Egyptian society and how it spread to other parts of the world.
  2. Explore the cultures of South American with a focus on the early European settlements in the midst of complex isolated societies deep within the continent.
  3. Analyze the transition from the period known as the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and how cultural advancements spread throughout the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa.
  4. Discuss how African civilizations societies developed in the 15th century before the start of the intercontinental slave trade with the Americas.
  5. Analyze the ways in which Cypress, one of the oldest countries in the world, has evolved in relation to other surrounding nations.
  6. Explore the tools that were used in the Stone Age and how it varied from one culture to the next.
  7. Discuss the ways in which sheep farming developed in Australia and what were the cultural duties associated with maintaining this through the decades.
  8. Analyze how the early Japanese Samurai helped develop the unification of later Japanese empires to lay the foundations of modern Japan.
  9. Explore how the culture of the Philistines began and how it developed to the point that it became among the world’s most hated of the time.
  10. Write a term paper on how mummification in Ancient Egypt became a common cultural practice and what caused its demise in the midst of a developing world.
  11. Discuss the different ethnic groups, their movements and development in relation to the country’s position in the world.
  12. Explore various African tribes and how it has created an idealized fiction of a cultural identity for the majority of the continent despite the tribes’ many differences.
  13. Explore with it means to be American in light of several millions of people living in both North and South America.
  14. Write an anthropology term paper on the history of bullfighting and everything involved in the development and training of a bullfighter.
  15. Discuss the class structure that exists in Jamaica and how it’s reason for a vast cultural divide among its people.

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