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20 Inspiring Ancient Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Philosophy is both a challenge and interesting subject. This discipline commands respect because it requires an individual to think very deeply about the meaning of life and causes. The thoughts and opinions of philosophers long dead still have an appeal to us here in the new millennium. Although thousands of years old, their reflections and conclusions still grab our attention. When you are asked to write a research paper on what these wise men of antiquity proposed, you’re stepping back into the thought process of centuries ago. Here are a few topics that can add a lot of learning value to your paper.

  1. The relevance of Plato’s forms in the modern day.
  2. The meaning of friendship according to Aristotle.
  3. Was Socrates right to accept his death sentence?
  4. Is Aristotle’s concept of happiness realistic?
  5. Did Plato approve of homosexuality or not?
  6. How did ancient philosophy define free will?
  7. Plato’s thoughts on the infallibility of knowledge.
  8. Compare Plato’s philosopher king to Machiavelli’s prince.
  9. Which Asian philosopher best defined the concept of the soul?
  10. How does Epicureanism fit into modern social mores?
  11. Was Seneca a real Stoic or brazen hypocrite?
  12. How does Confucius influence modern business?
  13. Discuss Aristotle’s view of slavery and inferior men.
  14. What features of Plato’s philosopher Kings fit in modern society?
  15. Sextus Empiricus wrote about the possibility of truth. Was he right?
  16. Is Plato’s search for justice practical?
  17. Which ancient philosopher would do well in the modern business world, and why.
  18. Compare and contrast moral life as defined by Aristotle and St. Augustine.
  19. Is there evidence of philosophy in the place of Euripides?
  20. How is conscience defined by ancient philosophers?

A review of the philosophers of antiquity must take into consideration the mindset of the times. Aristotle’s opinion of slavery is far different than that of William Wilberforce. The philosophers also had influence on America’s founding fathers, but perhaps those Americans ought to have considered the circumstances of the various philosophical arguments. Philosophy itself has us look at ideas, create arguments for and against, and then deal with objections to our particular beliefs. What should be reflected in any good research paper are the contrasting opinions. These help mold a final conclusion about given philosophical truths and/or ruminations. The ancient thinkers inserted pearls of wisdom in what they wrote. A good research paper is able to pry open the oyster to examine the prize.

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