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10 Points To Know About The Format Of An Academic Research Paper

Academic research papers have specialized formats based on the curricular area and the specific style required by the instructor. These formats have been determined by experts in the field and they are designed to keep academic papers consistent within disciplines. Here are 10 points to know about organizing your research project:

  1. Check out a sample. Once you know what style you need to use, it is important to get a well-written sample. This way, you can see what the final project will look like and you can compare your work as you go.
  2. Use a manual. It is also a good idea to get your own manual. You can use this for all of the details that are required. Online manuals are helpful, but an actual printed book is the best choice because you do not have to switch between tabs when working.
  3. Follow the layout. Investigate exactly what you need to do and start doing it from the very beginning. This is a better use of time than going back and changing everything when you are finished writing.
  4. Set your document program. You should be able to set the margins, fonts, and other style requirements on your computer before you start typing. This will save time, too.
  5. Write in a professional voice. Academic papers should not include text lingo, slang, or other casual words. Since your peers, instructors, and other experts in the field could read your paper, you should always be sure to write in a voice that showcases your knowledge appropriately.
  6. Include all of the necessary sections. If you skip a section, your readers could be confused. You could also lose points on your final grade and possibly be accused of plagiarism.
  7. Know about citations. If you do not cite your sources while you write, you could forget to cite them later. You do not want to be accused of plagiarism, so you should always give credit to the sources you used.
  8. Recognize tables and figures. Every different style has special requirements for using tables and figures in the text or in the appendix. So you do everything appropriately and your readers know what is coming, you should be sure you follow the requirements closely.
  9. Edit and revise. This step insures that your paper is readable and is free of errors.
  10. Send in for peer review. The whole point of writing a paper is that someone reads it. So, send it to a professional organization to see what they think of your research and your ideas.

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