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How To Open A Research Paper: Solid Advice

The opening of your paper matters a lot. You will have to be conscious while writing these things. You will have to attract the reader with this part only. So try to summarize the whole thing in minimal word but be clear and to the point. Do not complicate any sentence but try to write down the whole fact of your research. You should also include the main goal of your paper and the reason of selecting this topic. Regardless of your subject and level of your research you should follow some tips of writing the introduction of your research.

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Some tips for writing introduction:

  • Start writing when you have enough time: You should have enough time to think before you start writing the introduction part of your research. So do not write it when you do not have much time in your hand.
  • Summarize the whole research: Try to understand the whole of your work and then also try to find out the readers expectation and try to fulfill that in your first paragraph only to attract the readers more and do not elaborate the procedure or anything else. In the introduction part you will mainly have to narrow down the generalized subject to the topic on which you have done your work and concentrate on that part only.
  • Previous works: There are lots of projects where there are lots of previously done works. Try to explain them all and concentrate on constrains and other missing features or the reason behind extending that part. The necessity of your project should be clearly mentioned and highlighted too.
  • Mention the keywords: Do not forget to mention the keywords that you have used in the whole document. You will get an idea about it once you are finished with the other parts of your research work. So try to write the first part at the last stage of your writing. Giving the key words helps the reader to understand the matter more clearly, which is very important for an introduction of any paper.
  • Foreshadow the conclusion: Sometimes you can apply a tricky method so that a reader can start imagining the conclusion of your research work. This is another way to attract the reader so that he starts comparing with his imagination. While explaining the introduction it may be difficult to reach to that point but you can try to do it to attract the readers.

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