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Quick Tips On How To Make A Good Outline For A Term Paper

It can be overwhelming when you have a term paper to produce but when you have more than one (and that is a great possibility) it can be overwhelming times 10! One of the really good ways to make a start and to stop postponing starting the work (which can cause even more stress) is to try some of these really quick tips on how to make a really good outline for any term paper.

Why produce and outline?

There are several really positive reasons why:

  • Helps you focus.
  • Helps you differentiate between what is the most important information that you need and what supporting information you need to research.
  • Helps with the organization of logical progression of ideas.
  • You can use your outline to discuss your focus with your tutor (they will be impressed).

What do I need to do?

Follow this sequence of instructions using the headings.

  • Introduction. Introduce your topic and how it fits in with the work that you have studying through the term. Is the topic you have chosen an extension of the curriculum that you have been following or is it a focus that has a level of personal interest. Be realistic about the amount of research that you will need to keep the focus simple.
  • Thesis Statement. This where an outline really becomes an essential tool, because right at the beginning of starting work on your term paper you will find that it is difficult to describe your thesis stamen in concise language. Don’t be put off if you have to keep revisiting this part of the process.
  • The Body of the paper. This is where you need to put all of the points that you want to make/discuss, you also need to provide evidence to support your thesis in the form of experiments or examples. Decide how you are going to present your data (this could mean by tables of results or comparisons, photographs or illustrations.
  • Conclusions. Relate your conclusions to the evidence that you have presented in the main part of the paper. Remember to also make recommendations about your findings. All of the statements that you make in this section should relate to your thesis statement.
  • Bibliography. Make sure that you list all of the sources of your information including any course text books that you have used and cited. Make sure you check with you tutor as to the referencing format that you should be using. Ideally you need to make a list if the works you are citing as you research.

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