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How To Organize A Research Paper Results & Discussion

When you are crafting a research paper your results and discussion area is one of the main required chapters. These chapters are designed to introduce each of the components required in the scientific process. When you conduct research you need to be able to present your entire report such that somebody reading it could re-create what you have done on their own without any hesitation. But in order for them to be able to re-create everything and to verify the validity of the results you have you must present each chapter adequately. In this regard the results and discussion chapter is typically separated into both a results and a discussion section but that does not have to be the case. You can choose to combine it into one chapter if you prefer.

  • The results section is where you present to the reader what your findings brought about. In this instance your findings are whatever quantifiable or qualitative data you have uncovered throughout the course of your research. In some cases you might find that your hypothesis was correct or that it was slightly incorrect. But in the results section your only job is to present the actual statistical findings of your work. It is here that you can include any supportive tables or charts as well.
  • The discussion part of this is where you have the opportunity to explore how your results either supported your hypothesis or failed to support your hypothesis and why. This is also often the area where your limitations are discussed and where you review what potential bias you may have had as a researcher. This area is also where you are tasked with presenting to the reader how the results of your particular work into the bigger picture. You need to be able to indicate to the reader what contributions you have made to the industry or two this particular field of study.

Being able to adequately analyze what implications your findings have and how they fit into the bigger picture is a wonderful tool which will benefit you throughout the course of your academic career and any research-based writing that you have to complete. There is no set length for what the average results section or discussion section not to be so it is truly up to your discretion to be able to adequately cover the information you must in whatever length that requires.

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