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How To Write A Captivating Introduction For An APA Research Paper

Introduction of an APA research paper is among the most challenging of all write-ups. Before you go on and focus on the captivating aspect of your introduction, you need to understand that in APA formatting, you don’t label and the title is placed at the top and not in bold.

Generally, a good introduction should summarize, integrate and most importantly it should seriously appraise the empirical information in the related area(s) in a unique way that will lay down the foundation for your study.

APA style paper introduction starts out a little wide and becomes more focused towards the end. Below are some few tips of constructing an appealing introduction.

Avoid using boring phrases and statements

Don’t make your introductory paragraph boring by using the unpopular phrases that are time-worn. You definitely want to capture your readers’ attention; in that case, you use phrases or statements that are interesting. As a beginner, you can always find articles that easily capture the reader’s attention on the word go and see how the author managed that.

Foreshadow your study

As a matter of fact, you are not supposed to go into details of your hypothesis unless you are summarizing your introduction. You can foretell your study a little bit towards the end of the first paragraph just by stating your purpose in a few words so that the reader gets a schema of the information you will be presenting next.

Make your introduction to be a logical flow of ideas

This flow of ideas should eventually lead to your hypothesis. Try organizing your work in terms of ideas that you can think of. First, you identify the idea that comes first, second and so on and identify how you will transition between the ideas. You can also use real-life example to make it clear to the reader.

Be careful when citing the sources; be sure to promptly follow the APA manual on that. Ensure you have a one-on-one correspondence between the cited articles and the articles in the reference section.

Take note of the broader audience

Do not just think of your classmates or your supervisor or professor, think of the wider community assuming that they have basic knowledge of your topic. Nevertheless, you are required to provide all the necessary information in order for them to completely understand what you are presenting.

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