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How To Write A Good Research Paper On Quality Management

Quality management is a relative term and can be interpreted in many different ways. However, the universal element is customer satisfaction. Corporations and companies all over the world use it to mean upholding certain standards to continuously improve the organizational processes. A good research paper, then, on quality management should include the following elements.

  1. Customer satisfaction: Understanding the key to customer satisfaction enables companies to adapt their strategies to better cater to their customers’ needs. This concept is vital to any research paper on quality management.
  2. Process improvement: It is imperative that organizations that are actively working towards quality management must start by improving their operational process to align with the demands of the customers.
  3. 180 degree: Obtaining employees who are involved in the customer satisfaction exercise goes a long way in ensuring the success of quality management.
  4. Holistic view: A foolhardy way to look at managing quality is by improving just one area to the detriment of others. It not only is a waste of money but also defies the whole purpose of quality management.
  5. Linear fashion: Quality management approach requires a linear and structured style. This is because it is not a one-size-fits-all model that can be replicated from one company to another but evolutionary in nature.
  6. Guidelines defined: It is easy to get swayed by the emotions of the players involved, i.e. the employees. Hence, at the onset, an expert should frame the guidelines and break them down into indices.
  7. Periodical meetings: Comparing notes from one season to another or one period to another is an absolute must to assess what’s working and what’s not since QM is a continuous process.
  8. Best practices: A good research paper on quality management would include industry-wide best practices of companies that produce exceptional results.
  9. Competitive edge: Although it’s hard to link the competitive position of a company to how it manages quality, a good research paper on QM should include its market share before and after the exercise.
  10. Surveys and interviews: The core purpose of quality management is to keep the customers satisfied. Hence, surveys and interviews conducted before and after the implementation of quality management is a prerequisite.

Depending on the industry and what stage of maturity the company is in, the above factors in a research paper on quality management could be used interchangeably. Nevertheless, the basic premise never changes: Keep the customers happy!

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