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Writing a Conclusion for a Research Paper: Basic Hints

Any research paper should consist of an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. A conclusion is a summary of the whole project that can be written in few paragraphs at the end of the paper, or composed as a final separate chapter of your work. Just like an introduction, it should be concise, logical, and memorable. It should not only outline the results of your research, but also show the prospects of this study, its practical use, and its applicability in various fields.

To write a good conclusion for a research paper, focus on the following points:

  1. Read your paper again.
  2. Reading will help you recall all the aspects of your work, and the statements and arguments analyzed in it. While reading, pay close attention to the conclusions of each chapter and subchapter. Highlight any key points that are worth reiteration.

  3. Analyze the objectives.
  4. Look at the list of objectives for your research, and make sure that they have all been met. State whether all the objectives have been fulfilled, and what is the general outcome of your study.

  5. Synthesize your thoughts, and write.
  6. At this stage, point out the key problems of your research. Explain why it was important to do it in the first place. Restate the topicality of the study and the possibilities for its future development. You may even encourage the readers to take a closer look at the analyzed problem, or continue studying it themselves. Use bullet points to enumerate your achievements or results. Be concise and do not repeat the theory, rather focusing on your own contribution to the issue in question.

  7. Proofread your writing.
  8. Look through the conclusion again when you finish writing. Check it for accuracy, and correct all grammar and spelling mistakes. Make sure it is written in the same style as the whole paper. Read it out loud to make sure it is written in simple words and is easy to understand. A good idea might be to give it to somebody else to read.

What not to do when writing a conclusion?

Don’t provide any new information or facts that weren’t mentioned in the main body. Don’t apologize for failing at some of the objectives. Don’t introduce the thesis of your paper in this part of the work, as it should be stated in the introduction. Be critical, and don’t praise your work too much.

These techniques are not universal, but they should be helpful when trying to write an adequate and effective conclusion to your research project.

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