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Creating an Economics Research Paper Abstract Step by Step

An economics research paper can be thousands of words and many pages long. The document itself is well worth reading if it fulfills a need for information and/or research citations. Nobody likes to read a long document just for the sake of turning the page, and knowing ahead of time what the content is going to contain will be helpful. That is essentially what an abstract is supposed to do. It informs the reader about what the topic is of the following composition. This is done in 200 to 300 words.

  • Only Include What Matters. Do not try to rewrite the paper within the abstract. You should concentrate on the highlights which a reader can expect to see in the following pages.
  • Active Voice Is Better Than Passive. The writing style is going to be extremely important in the abstract. You will be writing sentences a little bit longer than normal and active voice is easier to digest.
  • You Can Use Technical Language. Most people who will be reading an economics research paper or already in the discipline or understand the terminology. You can use the formal language as long as you try not to be too stuffy.
  • Let the Words Persuade the Reader. The text of the abstract can gently invite the interest of anyone. Try to see to it that there is a gentle rhythm to the sentences as they lead a person know what will be found in the following paragraphs.
  • Always Write a Draft First. You can get your thoughts down in the first draft and then go back and revise it.
  • Have the Final Version Proofread by Someone Else. Even though you have tried to be as careful and clear as possible there may be some shortcomings in the abstract. An independent pair of eyes can point out mistakes in grammar, or indicate the wording is a little bit confusing. Have somebody else take a look at the final draft of your abstract. Be willing to except any criticism or ideas in order to improve what you wrote.

In a way this is a marketing piece. You are not only explaining what you wrote about, you are also inviting a person to take a look at the content. Keep in mind that a good invitation persuades somebody to go little bit further. You spent quite a bit of time working on this research paper and you believe it is well worth the time someone spends to read it. You can use a good selection of words to tell a person that the content is important enough to peruse.

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