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10 Rules Of Writing A Research Paper In The Turabian Style

When a project must be completed in Turabian style then certain rules must be kept into consideration. If your research paper requires this specific format, then here are 10 rules that you have to keep into consideration:

  1. Samples: the best way to learn how to complete a project type that you have never done is to take a peek at a bunch of samples. This way you can learn from example to see how it is done.
  2. Professors: you have to check with your professors to see what specific rules you have to use. For example, do you need footnotes or endnotes? All these type of questions and more have to be answered.
  3. Citations: it is very important that you include a list of citations. Every single type of project that uses this formatting style requires it. It is best to do this as you go along instead of trying to do it all at the end.
  4. Text: the text that you enter has to be double spaced and have the correct margins.
  5. Numbered: all pages must have numbers, and this includes the bibliography section.
  6. Title page: you have to create a title page tat the start of your project. This should include the department name, course number, you name and the title of the project.
  7. Sources: you’ll have to distinguish between primary and secondary sources.
  8. What not to use: you cannot use right hand justification and no superscripts.
  9. Bibliography: in the bibliography section you have to enter the different entries in alphabetical order.
  10. Bibliography format: when placing entries in the bibliography you have to use the family name first of all and only the rest of the info.

If you follow the 10 rules laid out above then you will be able to have success in your project. It is not that hard to get it right the first if you have taken the approach laid out above. You’ll also see that the project will be more enjoyable to complete when you know what the steps are that have to be taken. Alternatively, you can hire a freelancer to complete the work on your behalf if you have no clue what to do.

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