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A List Of The Best History Research Paper Topics

Topic selection is key to a stellar research paper. When writing a history paper, you will always use past tense, because history is in the past of course. You need to start thinking of a question you want to answer. Don’t get caught in the trap that’s snagged many a student before you – the trap of simply writing a narrative, or giving a summary of something that’s happened in history. That’s not a research paper; that’s a summary of history.

Take a position. Make an argument. Give examples to support your argument. Persuade the reader of the validity of your statement. Make your paper analytical. Draw conclusions. State your view clearly. Give evidence to support your argument.

Here are some history research paper topics to give you some ideas:

  1. Is there a relationship between Native American religion and the environment?
  2. What was the role of women in Colonial America?
  3. What was a Utopian colony? What was their purpose and why did they fail?
  4. What was the impact of the Gold Rush on the development of the state of California?
  5. What methods were used in the Underground Railroad?
  6. What was the impact of the Dred Scott decision on the issue of slavery?
  7. What were the causes and effects of the New York draft riots that took place during the Civil War?
  8. What was happening economically, socially and philosophically in the 1800s that led to the formation of the labor unions?
  9. Why was the Great Chicago Fire that happened in 1871 so severe? What impact occurred on the city’s architecture?
  10. What effects did the Chinese residents of San Francisco feel resulting from the 1906 earthquake and fire?
  11. What were the failures and successes of the women’s suffrage movement? What methods were used and who were the founders?
  12. What events led up to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart? What happened to her?
  13. Could the events of Pearl Harbor been predicted? If it had not happened, would the U.S. ever entered World War II?
  14. Were there lasting impacts of the Brown vs. Board of Education case?
  15. Why did the U.S. sponsor the Bay of Pigs invasion? What led to its failure? Was it doomed from the start?
  16. Who was responsible for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Was it really James Earl Ray?

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