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Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing A Research Paper In Chemistry

Writing research papers is the common trouble all students share, whether they’re studying math or physics, linguistics or biology. However, the biggest nightmare for many is a research paper in chemistry. How should the theory part and the lab reports be combined? What are the evaluation criteria of a research paper? What does it have to include and what is to be avoided? These are the questions that can drive even the most diligent students crazy.

What Are The Do’s of Writing a Paper?

First of all, a paper in chemistry is like a paper in any other discipline: it has to be well-structured and written in a distinct manner. All terms and acronyms are to be listed and explained at the beginning, as well as the purpose of the experiment and the questions this study is going to answer. All questions and problems have to be resolved in the course of the experiment, with the answers provided at the end as conclusions.

To make it more clear, here are the “do’s” or writing a paper in chemistry:

  • Write a decent abstract.
  • An abstract is a paragraph explaining the topic, the questions and the purpose of the study.

  • Expand on the topic in the introduction.
  • Explain the methods and approaches you’re going to use in your experiment.

  • Describe the details in the experimental section.
  • Focus on providing detailed information so that the readers could comprehend the nature of the experiment or even repeat it.

  • Give proof of your results in the results section.
  • Provide some evidence that your answers and conclusions are right. Your results section may include tables, graphs, figures, calculations etc.

  • Provide a summary of your study in the conclusions.
  • Focus on making your conclusions as convincing as possible.. Sometimes teachers read the conclusions first to see if it’s worth to read the whole paper. That’s why it’s definitely worth some attention.

  • End your paper with a bibliography or a list of references.
  • Give an alphabetized list of all sources you used to write the paper.

What Are the Don’ts?

Like any other paper in any discipline, a research paper in chemistry should be free of:

  • Slang or jargon.
  • Try to write in a simple language, but remember that slang words are inappropriate.

  • Repetitions.
  • Don’t repeat the same piece of information over and over again. It’s extremely irritating and very unprofessional.

  • Too many theoretical details.
  • Any details are OK as long as they are necessary to explain the experiment. Long paragraphs about the history of chemistry, the lives of some scientists or similar information are not an option here.

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