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Tips On How To Create A Proper Chicago Style Research Paper

The Chicago Style of writing is utilized for composing academic writings that have something to do with humanities, particularly History. It is otherwise known as documentary note. In addition, papers that are composed in this style must comprise of a title page that clearly presents the information of the writer. Things that must be contained on the title page include the title of the paper, the name of the writer and also the paper’s class course information. Please take note that the margins must be 1-inch all the way around the page, it is usually written in 12 point font, Times New Roman and the writer’s last name as well as page number must appear on each page’s top right corner.

In the same way, this style of writing offers 2 citation formats known as the standard bibliographic format and the author-date reference format. Take into consideration that each format offers rules for organizing bibliographic citations, endnotes and footnotes. It also allows the writer to precisely as well as thoroughly distinguish and denote historical, classical, scriptural and archival sources and to depict the array of multimedia and other latest electronic means of publications.

Prior writing your paper in this type of style, it is best to check with your professor who assigned the task to you in order to figure out whether you can indicate sources subordinately or if you require using notes in the body of your work with a reference list at the end. It is worth mentioning that when writing for history, it is fundamental for writers to use intellectual articles that they can remark in their papers.

What to document in Chicago Style of writing?

  • Paraphrases and summaries
  • Direct quotations
  • Any borrowed material which may appear to be your own if there were no quotation
  • Ideas and information which are not available in a standard reference work or are not regarded as common knowledge

Please be guided that if you prefer more information about what needs to be documented, it is advised to ask your course professor and go over the paraphrasing, quoting and acknowledging sources.

Even though this style is regarded as distinct from the American Psychological Association (APA) style and the Modern Language Association (MLA) style, this can be deemed simple especially when a writer has already adapted to it. On the other hand, if writers encounter difficulties in terms of citing or writing, then, they can refer to all the resources that are available like the Writing Center, trustworthy Chicago Style manuals and the like.

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