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Composing An Introduction For A Research Paper On Euthanasia

The introduction is probably the most important part of your research paper. It is the first impression your audience will get of you. This paragraph will show your writing style and your writing ability. In these few sentences your reader will make a judgement about what type of writer you are. It may not be fair but it is the reality of life. At least you know how the world works so you know you have to attack your introduction. Here are some ideas on how to compose a great introduction for a research paper on euthanasia:

  • When your reader is done with the introduction, they should know exactly what is coming in the rest of the paper. How you write your initial paragraph will result in your reader being excited or dreading reading the rest of the thesis.
  • The first paragraph will tell the reader what the paper is about, why you wanted to write about it and what means you used to get the information in the paper
  • Many times people will start their introduction with a quote. This gives the reader immediate credibility because the material is coming from someone who is credible. This can’t help to spill over into what the reader thinks of the author.
  • Spend some time deciding how you are going to make your reader want to read the rest of the paper. You need to create a “hook” of some sort so that your reader won’t be able to wait to read the rest of the story. You need to peek their curiosity in such a way that they can’t wait to read on.
  • The last thing in your introduction should be your thesis statement. You try to use the beginning of the initial paragraph to suck your audience in and then finish your paragraph with your topic statement.
  • Try to elicit some sort of emotional response from the beginning. Set your audience up for what is to come. Get their mind churning somehow so they just can’t wait to see what is coming next. Euthanasia is a very controversial topic so getting an emotional response from your audience may not be too difficult.

Your introduction is your first impression that everyone will see. What you right in there will basically set the reader up for the entire paper. No pressure, right? If you use the suggestions listed above, you will create a great beginning and lead your reader to a greater paper.

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