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Free Tips For Writing A Research Paper About English Literature

The most important thing to remember is you have been asked to write a research paper, which is far different from an essay. This means you must form and argue a thesis, conduct relevant research and explain your findings in your paper.

Essential Elements of an English literature paper

Before you begin writing, have these 5 points in mind, making sure to integrate them into your paper.

  • Create a well-defined topic
  • Present a precisely formed argument
  • Use a systematic approach
  • The argument should remain concise, relevant, coherent and consistent throughout your written paper
  • Document your secondary sources accurately and discuss them critically

First steps in writing your paper

  1. Find a topic. You can do this by brainstorming, looking at lists, searching your textbook for ideas, and asking your teacher.
  2. Examine your primary text in detail. This is the piece of literature at the basis of your paper. Read it carefully as well as any additional materials related to it.
  3. Use a systematic method to summarize and organize your findings. Group aspects into groups that belong together, such as agreements or contradictions. Incorporate any of your own questions that are valid and applicable.
  4. Write your thesis statement, create your title, and generate some questions. The thesis should be succinct and be arguable.
  5. Draft your introduction. Introduce the approach you are going to take, state your thesis statement, and set the stage for your research.
  6. Create an outline using main supporting ideas and minor supporting ideas.
  7. Keep an annotated bibliography, writing a few sentences about each source you are consulting. Keep track of your readings and it will help you remember more details about each one when you begin writing.

Writing your paper

If you have collected and organized your notes, created a detailed outline and kept track of all your sources your writing process will fly along smoothly and easily. You will be surprised how easy it is to keep on track and get each paragraph written out following the order of the outline.

As you write pay attention to transitions. Your sentences should naturally lead from one to the other and you should have a solid transition sentence at the end of each paragraph to lead into the next main point, which is the focus of the next paragraph.

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