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Vital Things To Know About Using The Scientific Method In A Research Paper

You probably are already aware that the scientific method is one of the most popular approaches towards making observations and answering specific questions will doing science experiments and composing a research paper. There are a few other approaches that can be used, but largely the scientific method is the hallmark of a most science disciplines. Here are that vital things you need to know about using this approach in your research paper:

  • Asking the main question:
  • The first step in composing a great research paper is coming up with one or a handful of questions you are attempting to answer. Science really lends itself to a multitude of topics so you shouldn’t have too much trouble in coming up with a series of questions that need answering.

  • Conducting thorough research:
  • Next, be sure that you start looking for background information in various academic resources. Generally, use content that is no more than 3 years old and always make sure there isn’t updated information or contradictory information that has been released. You should gather enough material to make an educated hypothesis about what you can expect from your study.

  • Developing a hypothesis:
  • When you develop your hypothesis you should consider all that you have learned through your background search of relevant material and what you can reasonably expect your findings will be under a specific set of testing parameters. It’s okay to be incorrect in your hypothesis. This happens often in the sciences and can still lead to academic achievement if you demonstrate critical approaches and thought in your work.

  • Testing your hypothesis through experimentation:
  • When you set the parameters of your experimentation and tests you want to ensure that you’ve considered every possibility and can thoroughly explain why you have chosen this particular approach to prove your hypothesis. Be sure that your testing techniques are considered fair and take in the real possibility that you may be incorrect in your original thesis statement.

  • Analyzing your data and writing a conclusion:
  • Take a close and critical look at your data and offer up a clear analysis and evaluation when you write your conclusion. You should offer clear explanations showing why your experimentation worked or didn’t work and whether or not your hypothesis was correct.

  • Delivering your results:
  • Lastly, deliver your results in a clear and informative matter. This is different than your analytical conclusion in that you offer an overview of all that occurred in your research without including any part of why you believe something may have gone wrong. This section should be purely academic and subjective.

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