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A Quick Guide on How to Write a Good Research Paper in the APA Format

Consistent formatting makes your paper easier to read and understand. The arguments are easy to follow without getting lost in misleading formatting. A good research paper in APA format will therefore improve your chances of scoring a high mark. How do you ensure that you produce a good paper in APA format?

Understand APA Format

APA is a very specific formatting style. It provides very specific instructions on margins, citations, quotations and referencing, among others. There is a particular way to insert footnotes and space your work. Some specific details change depending on whether you are dealing with sciences, arts, humanities, etc.

Other areas to pay close attention to are the point of view or the voice to be used throughout the paper. The words used should be relevant and applicable to your discipline. Poetic language should be used sparingly to avoid ambiguity. While you are the researcher, avoid the first person approach unless it is required and necessary. Indicate what the findings were to avoid personalization.

Use a Sample

Samples provide direction and hints on what to expect once the paper is completed. They make it easier to construct sentences, thesis statements, format, present ideas, etc. While using a sample is advised, ensure that it is obtained from a reliable source. This provides a guarantee on the quality. Use of low quality samples will compromise on your grade.


Execution of APA format in a research paper might prove difficult. For instance, referencing journal, news paper, internet source, etc varies. Such dilemma may cause your progress to slow down. Instead of taking the wrong approach, you are advised to consult. Some of the people to consult include your teacher, seniors, library and online, among others. With certainty that you are moving in the right direction, it is time to work on the paper.

Follow Standard Writing Rule

Despite the formatting style being APA, there are writing rules that do not change. The positions and composition of introduction, body and conclusion do not change. You must also ensure that your title is as captivating as possible. The thesis statement should also be clear and precise. General writing rules remain whether you are writing in APA or MLA.

A research paper formatted in APA is unique. This formatting style must be applied and maintained throughout the document. If a reader is not distracted by inconsistencies, he can concentrate on the point you are making and thus find it captivating.

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