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List Of Exciting Research Paper Topics On Health

As the saying goes, health is wealth. That could perhaps be the reason governments go to great lengths in employing highly skilled people to improve the health care system of their people. They include the medical infrastructure, prevention and treatment of diseases, affordable health care, subsidizing health practitioners and making people aware of the health implications of certain behaviors amongst many others.

Are you a researcher struggling to come up with a topic on health? Well, here are 35 research topics on health:

  1. The harmful effects of passive smoking
  2. Is prevention better than cure?
  3. Surefire way to live a healthy life
  4. The impact of lifestyle on your body
  5. What causes dementia?
  6. What causes Alzheimer’s disease?
  7. What causes Parkinson disease?
  8. How are heart attacks caused?
  9. What triggers heart attacks?
  10. Can benign cancerous cells become malignant?
  11. Sicknesses caused due to stress
  12. What effect does your attitude in life have on your backbone?
  13. Are high heels bad for my backbone?
  14. How are migraines caused?
  15. The harmful effects of pollution on asthma patients.
  16. Is reading in bed bad for the eyesight?
  17. Are carrots good for eyesight?
  18. Drinking water is good for your health: Myth or fact?
  19. Diseases associated with mental health issues.
  20. Chemical dependence and its harmful effects on the teeth.
  21. Chemical dependency and its harmful effects on our cognitive abilities
  22. Does increased calcium intake improve the health of your bones?
  23. Who’s healthier: a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?
  24. Outdoors sports improve your blood circulation: myth or fact.
  25. Is running everyday bad for your knees?
  26. Why do old people fall and break their hips?
  27. How is skin cancer caused?
  28. Ways to prevent skin cancer
  29. The harmful effects of radiation on your body
  30. Do mobile emit rays that are injurious to health?
  31. The psychological effect of somnambulism
  32. Is being nocturnal bad?
  33. Obesity and its implications on mental health.
  34. The benefits of fresh air in the countryside
  35. Social support structure and its effect on physical health

Some of the above topics may be too generic but can be narrowed down either to a specific region or a particular ethnicity or can even be a gender-based study. However, the rule of thumb is to find the ones that interest you the most.

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