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How To Come Up With Unique Research Paper Topics On Social Issues

Research papers require several things in order to be successful. One of the first things you should do is brainstorm and write down as many issues as you can on social issues. You need to compile a large amount of data on the topic. You also need to find a theme you are interested in. Lastly, you need to make sure your theme creates some kind of emotion so your reader will want to read it.

Adequate research on the topic is necessary

When you are considering a topic, make sure you can find sufficient amounts of data so you can create a quality paper. Take your paper that you wrote all your possible ideas on social issues on and put them into the search engine. Hopefully, you will find numerous sites you can go to for information on each issue. Reduce your list to the issues that have the most information available. Once you are happy with the amount of data available, find one that interests you the most.

Look for an interesting topic

Look over your list of topics that have adequate amounts of research. Probably as you look at the subjects, one or two may jump out at you because they interest you more. If you are interested in the subject, you will tend to write a more interesting research paper. You will also take the time and patience that it takes to create a great paper if you are genuinely interested in what you are writing about. Some interesting social issues might be:

  1. Should abortions be allowed for rape cases?
  2. What can be done if your child is being bullied?
  3. Child Abuse- How can you tell if a child is being abused?
  4. Should guns be allowed by adults in schools?
  5. Domestic violence- What happens to the children?

These are just some suggestions of subjects you could write on. Find one that is interesting to you and start your exploring.

Find a topic that creates emotion in your reader

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few options, think about which one may create the most emotion from your reader. You want to make your reader think about what you are writing. You want them to form an opinion about your paper and respond in some way. Your goal is to hopefully begin a discussion that may actually lead to some sort of change. Your paper isn’t there just to get a grade. You would hope that your paper can begin to open up a line of communication that may help society in some way. Start thinking that you can actually help with one of these social issues.

Write your paper

Now that you have decided on a theme, you have all the tools you need to write a great research paper. You are happy with your subject. There is plenty of research to gather to create an interesting article. You picked a theme you know will create emotion in your reader and hopefully lead your audience to want to learn more and do more to help the situation. Your paper can be the beginning of something that really benefits society.

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