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5 Research Paper Editing Rules Every Student Ought To Know

If you have written a research paper it’s great, yet, you need to give some attention to the matter of editing and proofreading. It’s a very important procedure because correctness is a part of your success. If you fail to format the paper in a proper way or if there are many grammar mistakes, your work can fall through, and all your efforts will be wasted.

How to Edit Your Work Properly

  1. Take a break.
  2. Start editing the paper after a certain break. Depending on the time that you have before the deadline, vary the length of the break in such a way that your mind unwinds properly. Don’t start the proofreading until you feel that your eyes and mind are completely fresh.

  3. Read the research aloud.
  4. Listen carefully to everything, starting with mistakes and ending with the parts that are too complicated for unprepared readers, make no sense, are useless for the general understanding of the text, etc. You need to detect them all in order to make your research paper perfect.

  5. Check out your personal patterns of errors.
  6. All people have their own writing style and their own patterns of errors. That is, check punctuation if your previous works had numerous issues of this type. If you are a wordy author, check the text out for wordiness. If you are likely to have numerous typos that the automatic text editor doesn’t correct, search for them. Finally, you can secure the results of your work with the help of online mistake detection tools.

  7. Know where to look up grammar rules and formatting details.
  8. If you are no sure about your own knowledge, you need to know where you can check the correctness of your opinion. It’s especially important for the formatting demands because grammar can be corrected with the help of advanced online tools.

  9. Read backwards.
  10. When you read your own sentences, you can mechanically skip errors because you know how this sentence should sound in your head. To avoid this, read the text from the bottom, right to left, checking the spelling of separate words.

Some Professional Help

If you are not sure that you can handle the task on your own, turn to professional editors and proofreaders. They can be found online, at the resources of custom writers or in writing centers. Resorting to them can be effective even in case you are sure that everything is correct. After all, when other people read your project, it’s not the same as if you are reading it on your own.

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