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13 Good English Term Paper Topics On The Korean War

When you have to write a term paper on the Korean War, you will have to come up with some interesting topics. The Korean War is a huge topic and you cannot simply write a generic paper on it. When you explore the different angels of the war, you increase your chances of getting noticed and thus earning a good grade. Here are a few topics that can help you come up with something. You can always work on the topic in the list but you can also take one and develop your idea around it.

Why the right title is important for a term paper

The teacher has to go through endless papers every day and most of them are based on the same subject. If you do not come up with something that is out of the box, you have very less chances of getting a high grade. If you have a topic that will pique the reader’s interests, you have much higher chances of the teacher actually going through the whole paper. When you have a unique title you can do a lot of research and come up with the most useful information on the war.

Titles for your essay on the Korean War:

  1. Relation between the two countries before the beginning of the war.
  2. How the people perceive each other.
  3. The main reason that triggered the Korean War.
  4. What brought an end to the rivalry between North and South?
  5. The people who were the worst hit due to the war.
  6. The economics during the war.
  7. The major people involved in the war.
  8. Life of one of the people from both the countries who was killed in the war and the similarities in them.
  9. How has the relationship between the countries progressed since then?
  10. Which side do you think was right?
  11. How did the military power help North Korea in the war?
  12. Did the advance weapons actually help South Korea in the war?
  13. How has the two countries strived towards nuclear power since the war?

Writing on war

When you are going to write on war, you will have to do a lot of research. You can go through some of the newspapers during that time and also read more on the lives of people. Depending on the perspective, you can get a lot of information about the Korean War both from the internet and offline resources.

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