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5 Basic Rules For Writing Biology Research Paper Introduction

Writing an introduction for a Biology research paper follows the same basic rules as writing any other research paper. However, there are a few key differences.

Tips for writing the introduction for a Biology paper

  1. Define key terms- It is important to define the key terms for the issue you are conducting an investigation on. If you are only doing research on one thing such as Osmosis or Diffusion, then you need to define that word. Depending on your audience, you can decide to use scientific jargon or layman’s terms.
  2. Background Information- Give background information on the issue you are researching. Why is Diffusion your topic? Why is it important to conduct research on it? For instance, if you are looking on the levels of Carbon in a specific society, you could give background information on the society and explain why you believed that you needed to address this problem. Why does it need to be solved?
  3. Include facts- In scientific papers especially; people want to see the facts. It can prove to be a useful tool if you open your paper with facts. For instance, in the year 2000, the levels of carbon in society were (insert levels). However in the study conducted last year (2014), the levels increased dramatically to (insert levels). By starting your paper this year, it gives the paper ethos (or credibility) and shows that you are qualified to be writing on this topic because you have done your investigation, and you know what it is about.
  4. Have a good thesis- Your thesis not only sets the tone for your paper but it tells your readers exactly what you are researching. Though your topic will likely be broad, the thesis provides a narrower scope on the topic and tells what the reader has to expect in the rest of the paper. Your thesis is your claim plus your reasons. For instance, your topic is the levels of Carbon in society. Your paper could be trying to find a solution to the problem. For instance, Carbon levels in society need to be lowered by switching to eco-friendly vehicles, stopping deforestation and cutting down on the emission of smoke in the atmosphere. Each body paragraph would explain one of the reasons that you presented with supporting details.
  5. Position everything correctly- Remember the placement of different things. The introduction starts with background information and finished with the thesis statement. Any other thing you wish to add would fall somewhere in the middle. The important thing to remember though is to have an interesting opening. The stronger your paper begins, the better it will be to read.

If you follow these tips, then you will have no trouble writing a strong introduction for your Biology paper. Good Luck!

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