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Writing A Term Paper Bibliography: Guidelines And Examples

Research writing has many facets which must be adhered to if the end result must be something acceptable either in academia or in professional practice. The comprehensiveness of a paper is one of the basic requirements that a student or a researcher must always meet in order to be awarded some degree on get a pay. While research has phenomenally become popular as a means to solving issues affecting us in real life, it must be dependable. This means, rumors should be a no go zone. It is always imperative to conduct studies that are practically viable and based on actual findings. This is something that is always achieved through methodology. What instruments are you using to collect data? Are they dependable? Research instruments are primary means of data collection. However, they are never enough. This is because virtually everything has been studied but because problems keep on recurring and re-occurring, better means of solving them become a necessity. This is why, you can find studies that are similar but are meant to address the same problem. It is all about filling in knowledge gaps in existing studies. As for the case of secondary means of gathering data, verification is always a necessity. This means, you must use existing and reliable sourced which must be cited. The cited works is what culminate into what is called bibliography often written at the end of a research paper. It details where you got your information from to support your findings.

In this article, we therefore look at how to come up with a good bibliography. Take note of the fact that this information always depends of the writing style such as APA, MLA, Chicago and others.

  • Start by drafting your sources
  • A draft is a rough sketch of any piece of writing and this is necessary for bibliography because you can always forget or misplace books you have used to support your study. This will help you in final write-up

  • Your bibliography should be consistent with your writing style
  • Academic writing styles such as APA and MLA largely influence the outlook of your bibliography. So, always ensure it is consistent to whatever style you are using.

  • Never forget to include literature title, author, and place of publication and year of publication
  • Depending on the writing style, this information are always arranged differently, there are plenty of resources on how to write say an MLA bibliographic information in which case year of publication always come last. The names of author are first written and separated by commas, then the name of the book and publisher.

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