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10 Most Interesting Diseases To Write A Research Paper On

Your research paper is one of the longer papers that you will have to write. It not only is a long paper but it is also probably one that is a large portion of your grade. When you are preparing to write your research paper, you should consider writing it on a topic that nobody else in the class is writing it on. Write it on an interesting disease. It will be a very unique and interesting topic that you will write for your paper. Here is a list of topics that you can write your paper on.

  1. Aarskog syndrome
  2. Bowing congenital short bones
  3. Cerebral folate deficiency
  4. Fraser Jequier Chen syndrome
  5. Glycine encephalopathy
  6. Li Fraumeni syndrome
  7. Ovarian epithelial cancer
  8. Q fever
  9. Rocky mountain spotted fever
  10. Spastic diplegia infantile type

Once you have chosen your interesting disease to write your paper on, you will need to start conducting research to develop a focus or a thesis statement which you will work to prove. This thesis statement will be a fact that you learned about your topic. You will use the information that you learned from your research to explain the point that you have decided to focus on. When writing this type of paper, it is so important to make sure that you have a focus. You don’t want to just talk about the illness itself without having a direction to head in. there is just too much information to write a paper in this fashion.

Create an outline that will state all of your main points. It is such a helpful resource because it can organize all of the ideas that you will put in your paper so that you can present them in the best order to prove your point. It can be a helpful way of ensuring that you chose the right topic to write your paper on as well. If you are struggling to fill in that outline, it will be even harder to figure out how to complete the entire paper on this topic. Therefore, it may be a good idea to switch your topic if this is the case.

Take your time and make sure that edit your final draft to make sure that it is error free. You don’t want to hand in a paper that has errors in it.

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