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20 Interesting Topic Ideas For Writing A Research Paper On Nutrition

In the least years, there are more and more fast-foods and types of processed food. This made nutrition a very important aspect in our society, because people understood that they have to change their diets in order to be healthy. A research paper on this topic will help you and your classmates understand the dangers of unhealthy eating and how you can change your habits.

  1. Vegans and vegetarians. Many people confuse these two terms, so you might as well explain the differences and similarities.
  2. Dairy products. Are we really lactose intolerant?
  3. The dangers of fast-food.
  4. Can processed food trigger Alzheimer?
  5. Sugar consumption. Are we addicts to sugar?
  6. Obesity in children. Who should we blame?
  7. Can we digest meat properly? Many studies show that actually we are herbivores and we should not consume meat.
  8. Caffeine is good or bad for our body? Indeed it keeps us awake, but at the same time it can trigger various medical conditions.
  9. Is there a connection between our diet and our mood?
  10. Carbohydrates. How many grains should we eat every day?
  11. Soda- is it really harmful for us?
  12. Losing weight. What kind of diet we have to follow in order to lose weight? Follow this link to get more information about this.
  13. Carbs loading. This is a procedure used by athletes to increase their endurance during a competition. It is effective, but it is healthy?
  14. Omega 3 and Omega 6. Why are these so necessary? From where can we get them?
  15. Food in schools. In many schools around the world children eat in the cafeteria. Sometimes the food is not healthy, and this can promote unhealthy eating. Should the government do something about this?
  16. Portions. Many of us eat too much, and this is encouraged in restaurants where we receive huge portions.
  17. Types of protein. We all know that we need protein, but what type and in what quantity?
  18. Can healthy eating cure diabetes?
  19. Prevention of obesity in children. The parents are responsible for this, but most of the time they forget how important nutrition is. Should the teachers pay attention to this aspect and teach the parents how to feed their children?
  20. Bio products. They are very popular nowadays, but they are not always healthy.

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