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A Collection of 25 High School Research Papers in Cinematography

This field of study is thrilling. You get to study and analyze film. It does not get much better than that in the classroom. You will have some written assignments in class. There are numerous topics, and we have compiled a collection of our favorites.

25 Papers for High School Cinematography

  1. Charlie Chaplin and the silent screen-go back to the beginning to see what the master did in the field
  2. The vixens of the 20s-look at some of the bad, but really good, females on the screen. Look at Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner, and many others to see what made them infamous. You could write a comapre and contrast.
  3. Gone with the Wind-the rules it broke when filmed
  4. Disney and his world of animation
  5. The movies with narrative structures and how they were presented, you could pick your favorite
  6. From Broadway to Hollywood, which one were successful and which ones failed
  7. Hitchcock the master of ghoul
  8. Why America has fallen in love with Sharknado
  9. Citizen Kane and the classic presentation
  10. Martin Scorsese’s success, his movies, his friends and family
  11. Casablanca and the mood and setting projected
  12. The famous film Zentropa and its effects
  13. The camera movement in Raiders of the Lost Ark
  14. Reviews of the famous films, you can select your favorite and analyze it in your piece
  15. 1939 and Wuthering Heights, the settings by the moors
  16. The world of science fiction such as the Body Snatchers, the Blob, the Birds, or any other classic film
  17. The Star Trek movies versus the Star Wars movies
  18. The sound and setting of Sanma No Aji (An Autumn Afternoon)
  19. Bringing Shakespeare to film such as both Romeo and Juliet’s or Richard III
  20. First Gump and how the world fell in love with him in chronological order with the occasional flashback, and that famous bench as a focal point
  21. Vincent Minnelli and his world
  22. The Wizard of Oz ad Judy Garland’s appeal
  23. The stage versus the film of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman
  24. The making and selling of Marilyn Monroe, the woman versus the star, or the combination of both
  25. Advancements in digital film, what it is, ad how it has been used, what is next for it

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